The MetlSaw Difference

MetlSaw has been manufacturing sawing equipment for industrial use since 1975 when we invented technology that combines high speed with precision cutting. Today, large-volume metal service centers worldwide choose MetlSaw products for their cutting operations. Our products cut ferrous and non-ferrous materials and are built for superior reliability and safety. They offer features and accessories that provide customization, speed production and reduce errors.

No other company in the industry has the longevity and experience to match MetlSaw’s depth of knowledge of sawing technology.

The MetlSaw Approach

CEO Lisa Kvech runs the company with a “people first” philosophy that includes both customers and employees. Without great people on our team, we can’t provide the level of service to clients that is expected. We invest in training and staff development, and we believe that safety is critical, in our workplace and in yours.

We also understand that our customers are running a business and we work to support your profitability. That consideration is the foundation of our quality program. If our equipment breaks down, our customer will experience production delays. To that end, we ensure that our industrial saws are durable and reliable, and that downtime is minimized. Our support team responds quickly to provide remote or on-site assistance when needed, and we’ve simplified the training required for system operators.

MetlSaw Innovation

All saws are made with simplicity in mind, and we constantly update the technology that keeps our saws at the forefront of the industry. By incorporating the latest Rockwell controls, customers are assured of modern automation features and can also rely on excellent parts availability and system support.

Our saws come standard with the ability to connect remotely through an Ethernet port for fast remote support. Our remote monitoring products provide management with up-to-date production statistics. It doesn’t take an engineer to troubleshoot and maintain our systems, which makes them the most reliable system on the market.