MetlSaw is committed to customer satisfaction, and we monitor every request for support until it is resolved. We offer online case management, remote diagnostics, and on-site technical service.

Support Case Tracking

At MetlSaw, no customer request for service or support ever drops off the radar. Our fully-automated online tracking system allows machine operators to submit a request for assistance online, where we track every case from start to finish. Our support team assigns your case to a skilled MetlSaw technician who follows it through to completion.

Remote Diagnostics

Wherever you are in the world, MetlSaw technicians can help you diagnose technical issues and troubleshoot problems with all new and retrofitted sawing machines. By tunneling in directly to your machine via an Ethernet connection, we can collect the usable data from your system that allows us to quickly identify the cause and implement a solution. Storing and analyzing your data ensures a faster response time for any technical issue.

707.752.8970 (Tech Support)
On-Site Technical Support

When your MetlSaw equipment requires on-site attention from our technicians, we are ready to help. The best way to request service is to complete the form below and provide detailed information about your equipment and your issue. You can also call our support team at 1-707-752-8970 (U.S.) or +44 1536 614005 (EU) or send an email to

Technical Support Request

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