U4 - T4 4" cutting window


  • Saws aluminum, copper, and brass
  • Operates at rapid sawing speeds
  • Supports surface finishes to 8 micro-inch.
  • Eliminates need for secondary machining of cut parts
  • Facilitates easy blade changes
  • Uses clamping system designed specifically for small jobs.
  • Includes touch screen operator interface
U4 - T4

The U4-T4 is one of the fastest production saws on the market for precision cutting of small remnant parts. It handles materials up to 4” thick with a cutting window of 4’. The backgauge is designed for easy loading and positioning of materials less than 4” long. The saw delivers production efficiencies with a unique clamping system designed to hold fast to small parts.



of configuration options to ensure each system fits the needs of the customer’s functional requirements and production volume. Our saws feature state-of-the-art control systems that are updated regularly to incorporate technical advancements. The MetlSaw product line provides a range
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