MetlSaw’s R Series was developed and built to improve productivity when processing remnant materials. Using specialized equipment for small jobs delivers much greater operational efficiencies than cutting small jobs on a large plate saw. Set-up time is reduced and a uniquely-designed solid clamping system works perfectly on even the smallest remnants, without losing time on manual adjustments.

The R Series machines utilize the same automated control system and software as the large plate saws, making it easy for an operator to quickly transition between machines and to cut small jobs quickly for faster deliveries. The system loads jobs fast, and retains memory of up to 1000 individual product specifications.

Fully automated metal sawing system:

  • Saws aluminum, copper, and brass
  • Operates at rapid sawing speeds
  • Supports surface finishes to 8 micro-inch.
  • Eliminates need for secondary machining of cut parts
  • Facilitates easy blade changes
  • Uses clamping system designed specifically for small jobs.
  • Includes touch screen operator interface


R5 - T6
  • 5’ to 1.5m cutting window
  • Up to 6” thickness capacity
  • 5’ to 1.5m backgauge length
  • Position tolerances to ± .005” or .12mm delivers high level of cutting accuracy.
  • 30 HP Arbor motor
  • Carriage cutting speed to 500”/min.
  • Material increment speed up to 250”/min.
  • Backgauge reverse speed up to 250”/min.
  • Retains specs for up to 1000 parts.