• Saws titanium, stainless steel, and other ferrous materials.
  • Cuts plate 12’ wide and up to 22’ in length
  • Operates at rapid sawing speeds
  • Supports surface finishes to 16 micro-inch.
  • Eliminates need for secondary machining of cut parts
  • Facilitates easy blade changes
  • Uses arm clamping system that precisely positions metal for cutting
  • Includes touch screen operator interface

The F12 is one of the fastest and most versatile production saws on the market for precision cutting of large ferrous plate metals. It handles up to 4” thick materials with a wider cutting window of 12’. The backgauge is designed for easier loading of materials between 12’ and 22’ long. The F12 also features a high-power 50 HP Arbor motor for effortless handling of big jobs.

The saw cuts ferrous materials easily while holding to the tightest tolerances, and the intuitive design makes it simple for operators to learn and manage. Along with the advanced product features, customers can count on the high level of reliability and safety that are synonymous with the Metlsaw brand.


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