• Cuts aluminum, copper, and brass
  • Handles solids, extrusions, tubes or rounds
  • Facilitates easy blade changes
  • Provides loading and unloading handling options
  • Uses universal clamping for single or stacked cutting
  • Includes touch screen operator interface
  • Multi-level automated loading and unloading material handling.
  • Modular automated material handling systems available.

The CS2 is one of the fastest, most accurate fully-automated cutoff saws on the market for non-ferrous extrusions and plate cutting. Used by both extruders and service centers, it handles materials from 8” to 14” thick with a cutting window of 24”. The short cutting window allows a tight level of cutting accuracy. The standard backgauge supports materials from 12’ to 80’ in length, and can be customized to up to 100’. Multiple levels of automated material handling are included for loading and unloading, and modular automated systems are available.

No other system delivers both precision tolerance and reliable performance in high-volume metal product manufacturing, while eliminating the need for secondary machining of cut parts. Each saw is configured to the customer’s precise needs and specifications.


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