CC510 Model options cut circles from 10” to 72”


  • Saws aluminum, copper, and brass
  • Cuts plate to circles from 10” to 5’ in outside diameter
  • Operator can handle multiple saws concurrently
  • Eliminates need for scribing
  • Uses a drop-down hydraulic turntable
  • Material handling options for loading and unloading

MetlSaw’s CC Series is the safest and most productive equipment on the market for cutting circles and rings from non-ferrous plate materials. Three saw models are available to handle materials from 8” to 12” thick, and to cut circles from 10” to 5’ in outside diameter.

The CC Series system contributes to profitability improvements in two ways: First, by increasing production capacity, and second by decreasing the required labor per part. The saw increases output when cutting rounds, as the system doesn’t require active operator supervision once the sawing starts. When square plate is mounted on MetlSaw’s drop- down hydraulic turntable, accuracy is repeatable with tight precision tolerances to ±.007”, and a single operator can easily manage two to three circle cutters at the same time.


of configuration options to ensure each system fits the needs of the customer’s functional requirements and production volume. Our saws feature state-of-the-art control systems that are updated regularly to incorporate technical advancements. The MetlSaw product line provides a range
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