Electronic Retrofit Package for NF Series Saws
MetlSaw Retrofit Image 10b

New Stand Alone Main Electrical Enclosure Complete with:

Rockwell Automation Compactlogix Platform
Safety Relay Modules and Arbor Motor Safety Standstill Monitor
Kinetix 5700 servo drives with Ethernet
Remote Gateway for immediate diagnostic service
New Backgauge Linear Positioning Device
Sealed cabinet with Thermo-electric cooling systems
LED Lighting in the electrical cabinet.

MetlSaw Retrofit 13
MetlSaw Retrofit 14

New VPL AC Servo Motors for the Backgauge and Carriage with Custom Mounting Adapter Plates

MetlSaw Retrofit 4

New 24v Pneumatic Manifold with Air Pressure Sensor and OSHA approved Pneumatic Lockout

MetlSaw Retrofit 5

New Hoffman Swing Arm Touch Screen Enclosure with Panelview Plus 1000 10” Touch Screen


MetlSaw Retrofit 6
MetlSaw Retrofit 7
MetlSaw Retrofit 11
MetlSaw Retrofit 12

Safety fencing on non operational side of saw.
New Arbor Door Lock Interlock with Solenoid Lock
New Arbor Door Disconnect with OSHA approved Lockout
New Revision of the MetlSaw Saw Program
New Safety and Warning Labels to comply with OSHA Regulations.

MetlSaw Retrofit 8
MetlSaw N12 828

LED work lights.
MultiColor saw window safety lights.


All wiring of Field devices including Pneumatic, Servo and Electrical
Complete Set of Electrical Schematics using point to point Wiring Schematics
We can perform the complete Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade within (5) days.