Electronic Retrofit Package for CS Series Saws
MetlSaw Retrofit Image 10b

New Stand Alone Main Electrical Enclosure Complete with:

  • Rockwell Automation Compactlogix Platform
  • Safety Relay Modules and Arbor Motor Safety Standstill Monitor
  • Kinetix 5700 servo drives with Ethernet
  • Remote Gateway for immediate diagnostic service
  • New Backgauge Linear Positioning Device
  • Sealed cabinet with Thermo-electric cooling systems
  • LED Lighting in the electrical cabinet.
MetlSaw Retrofit 2
MetlSaw Retrofit 3
  • New VPL AC Servo Motors for the Backgauge and Carriage with Custom Mounting Adapter Plates
MetlSaw Retrofit 4
  • New 24v Pneumatic Manifold with Air Pressure Sensor and OSHA approved Pneumatic Lockout
MetlSaw Retrofit 5
  • New Hoffman Swing Arm Touch Screen Enclosure with Panelview Plus 1000 10” Touch Screen
MetlSaw Retrofit 6
MetlSaw Retrofit 7
MetlSaw Retrofit 11
MetlSaw Retrofit 12
  • Safety fencing on non operational side of saw.
  • New Arbor Door Lock Interlock with Solenoid Lock
  • New Arbor Door Disconnect with OSHA approved Lockout
  • New Revision of the MetlSaw Saw Program
  • New Safety and Warning Labels to comply with OSHA Regulations.
MetlSaw Retrofit 8
MetlSaw Retrofit 9
  • LED work lights.
  • MultiColor saw window safety lights.
  • All wiring of Field devices including Pneumatic, Servo and Electrical
  • Complete Set of Electrical Schematics using point to point Wiring Schematics
  • We can perform the complete Electrical and Mechanical Upgrade within (5) days.